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Interactive Map of Ljubljana

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Organizer : Turizem Ljubljana

Address: Krekov trg 10 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: ++386 1 306 45 83
Fax: ++386 1 306 45 94
The interactive map of Ljubljana ( will help you plan a visit or holiday in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Among other things, the map provides services such as search engines for interesting spots, houses and addresses as well as reviews of organised tours and trips in Ljubljana and the region of Central Slovenia. The map, which can easily be printed out, also includes information on times of city buses (Ljubljanski potniški promet) and city bike rental from Bicike(LJ). Interesting spots can be also added from the map to your personal visit planner: My Visit; this way you can create a vacation plan in Ljubljana and its surroundings in a practical and clear way. 


Administrator : Zavod Novi turizem | | last modified: 03/01/2012

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