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Monthly press news August 2014

newsletter-avgust2014_553398.jpgSlovenia Is in the Air!

Can you feel the Summer? Have you already been in SLOVEnia? Welcome, I am Miss Lovely, your personal press guide for Slovenia.

Did you know that the Slovenian green is the most popular tan in Europe at the moment? Yes, Ljubljana has just become the Green Capital of Europe 2016. I love our beautiful capital, it is so friendly and active! Everybody is cycling, walking and enjoying good food. Blogers even say Ljubljana is a hidden paradise for hipsters. Come and check!

I also kindly invite you to the traditional grape harvest in eastern part of Slovenia. You cannot miss this culinary and ethno heaven that will take place in Lendava on 6th September. Toast to summer with a glass of Lendava’s excellent wine and learn a Slovenian folk dance!

Feel the nature here where the Mediterranean and Alps hug each other! Slow down and relax in the nature reserves and parks, the greenest parts of Slovenia, where you can stop the time while marvelling in the beauties and breathing some fresh air.

Visit the unique Spa Centre at Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, where they will pamper you by the traditional saltpans while mediterranean breeze will gently enhance all your senses.

Experience the unforgettable adventures in Karst caves! Visit the Postonjska jama cave, one of the largest Karst monuments in the world!

Welcome to green, active and healthy Slovenia! Enjoy the stories in my August newsletter to you.

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Monthly press news June 2014
SLOVEnia is in the air!

Guess what? Lonely Planet made my year! Ljubljana takes second place on the Best of Europe 2014 list! With nearly every town having its own festival the festive season is now open. Believe me – SLOVEnia will conquer your heart.

The summer tourist season in Bled will be opened in a special way with the first international Bled Film Festival (BFF).

The best way to truly experience Slovenia is on the move! Between 28 and 31 August, Ljubljana will be a cycling capital hosting the Amateur Road World Championship (ARWC). Come and join us! Feel the hills, plains, mountain peaks, forests, rivers and lakes of Slovenia! Have you ever imagined green heaven? There you are!

Ljubljana feels SLOVEnia and Ancient Rome! Ave, Emona! We are having a festive year celebrating 2000 years of Ljubljana’s Roman predecessor Emona. A wide range of events will be held this summer including the biggest “Ave, Emona” happening between 22 and 24 August.

Whole Slovenia buzzes with excitement and outdoor festivals. The 62nd Ljubljana Festival opens up Slovenia's cultural summer. It is followed by one of the biggest outdoor festivals in Europe - the 22nd Lent in Maribor. Even older is the Beer and Flowers Festival in Laško. Enjoy the stories of the June newsletter. Feel the festive SLOVEnia, Feel the SLOVEnian summer celebration!

Monthly press news May 2014

SLOVEnia is in the air!

Greetings! I’m Miss Lovely, your new host. I’m green, healthy and active.
Come and see me in May when love and the colours of spring take over. Do you feel Slovenia?
I have a full basket of the finest Brda sweet cherries for you.
You must try them! I booked you a culinary coloured Cherry Press Visit, as I would like to you to be my guest at a traditional festival of sweet cherries. Everything is ready for our date in the hilly surrounds of Brda in the centre of three cultures. Please check here for more details about the programme.
Open your heart and enjoy a number of new experiences in sLOVEnia! Happy weeks are ahead of us with all the festivals and holidays:
Rest your eyes in the 8th International festival of alpine flowers in Bohinj!
Feel the energy of the emerald green Soča river in 2nd Soča Outdoor Festival!
Catch a movie under the stars on Slovenian coast on the 10th Film festival Kino otok!

Do you wish for a bit of spring merrymaking? Then join me at the 51st Jurjevanje in Bela Krajina, one of the oldest cultural festivals in Slovenia! I’ll personally introduce you to »Green Jurij«.
All our paths lead to my beloved Ljubljana, celebrating 2000 years of Emona this year. Next to standard dose of history I guarantee you a real festival of taste bud indulgence at “Open Kitchen” in the centre of Ljubljana. Do you dare to try Kranjska klobasa, one of which an astronaut of Slovenian origin actually took with herself into space?
May spring in Slovenia be one big universe of happiness. Enjoy the May news!

With love from Slovenia – Miss Lovely

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Monthly press news April 2014
I always have one foot in town and the other in the countryside. I love both. This is SLOVEnia! Green all around and in me.
Feel the beloved spring in Slovenia! I bloom in April, which is why I present you with two Press Visits. Nature or tradition? What do you love more?
Let me invite you to a tulip exhibition in the Slovenian botanical paradise. As many will come to bloom as there are Slovenians – two million! The UNESCO town of Idrija will host the 33rd international festival of Idrija lace. Will you be my guest? A Japanese princess was so taken with Idrija lace that she composed a poem about it.
In spring everyone recommends a visit to Slovenia. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need a cleansing of the body and soul in the springtime. Our waters are Slovenialicious – thermal springs, clear rivers, mountain streams, waterfalls, clean fresh water everywhere! If you love yourself, come and allow us to pamper you in Slovenian spas and health resorts. Even Apollo recommended Slovenian water to the mythological horse Pegasus.
If you long for a sweet and relaxing experience, I recommend Apiroutes and Api well-being. Modern apitourism originates from Slovenia! Slovenian bees are protected at the European level. If they could talk, they’d say that it’s important how we travel and not just where we’re headed. Listen to their buzzing, which has been proven to have a relaxing effect, in a traditional Slovenian bee house. Try sparkling mead and a honey massage.
And don’t forget, in Slovenia, where food makes almost zero kilometres from the field to the plate, you can take in the Alps and the Adriatic Sea all at once. With just one glance… Enjoy the April news!
With love from Slovenia – Miss Lovely

Monthly press news March 2014

Slovenia stole the show in Sochi as the big winner of the Winter Olympic Games. Sochi was renamed Slochi, which became the official hashtag of the Slovenian Olympic squad on Twitter. "What happened was a Slovenian fairytale," numerous reporters are saying about Slovenia’s phenomenal success and its 8 medals.
The ski season in Slovenia reached its euphoric peak in February when the whole of Slovenia hardly managed to slalom between the fun on the home snow and the Olympic Games.

Guess who was the star of the Venice Carnival this year? The Princess of Piran! At the traditional Flight of the Angel the Venetians placed the Princess on the main stage as their guest of honour! She presented the Angel with a bag of Piran salt. Feel the Slovenian story of salt that has been journeying around the world!

Meet the First Wine Lady in Slovenia who is nearly half a millennium old and resides in the Old Vine House. Feel the story of Slovenian vine in Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city and the wine capital with the oldest vine in the world.
Ancient Romans loved good wine too. Follow the path of the treasures of the old Roman road in Slovenia. This year Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, celebrates a venerable 2000 years of its Roman predecessor Emona.

April is going to be sweet.
The 3rd Festival of Chocolate in the heart of the Gorenjska region, in Radovljica, is a real feast for the local and foreign lovers of sweet indulgence.

The British Guardian and the American Huffington Post also sang the praises of Slovenian natural wonders and the country’s hospitality.

Feel the sweetness of Slovenian places and people in the March Newsletter.

Monthly press news Februar 2014
Feel Slovenia during the time of winter wonderland and the largest sporting events!
Slovenia is the cradle of skiing in Central Europe. Travel journalists planning to cover World Cup Biathlon Pokljuka are invited to enjoy the BiLoved Press Visit (Biathlon – Bohinj – Ljubljana).
Slovenia is probably one of the few countries where you can easily hit the ski slopes on a working day and later return to a meeting in the city. In the country between the Alps and the sea, everything is within reach and most ski resorts are well known for offering high-end spa experiences. Get to know snow-covered Slovenia!

This is also the season of Slovenian carnival events, which do not lack craziness, rollicking and social satire. The International Carnival in Ptuj with over 2000 loud kurents and the Year of the Frog in Cerknica will be this year’s main eye candies.
The next question is not a carnival joke! What do Slovenia in the middle of Europe and the Cook Islands in the middle of the Pacific have in common? They are linked by Slovenian ski champion Tina Maze, who is in love with the Olympic spirit in Sochi!
SLOVEnia has also received a lot of love from Rough Guide readers who voted for the top countries worth visiting this year.
"So you want to Slovenia?" Take a look at the February Newsletter and the attractive photo album, racking up over 50 thousand views by users from all around the globe within five days.

Feel Slovenia and enjoy the stories in the February newsletter!

Monthly press news Januar 2014
Welcome to festive and carnival Slovenia! The New Year`s party has barely finished when preparations for big Ski World Cup races and carnivals that call for spring begin.

The Slovenian capital is celebrating 2000 years of roman Emona
which was the first urban predecessor of the current Ljubljana.

2014 also marks 100 years from the beginning of The First World War. Experience Slovenia and Italy on the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic a century after the Isonzo Front.

Find out what winter pleasures does the Slovenian ski Oscar winner offer? Kranjska Gora is one of the oldest venues of Alpine Ski World Cup races. One of the best Alpine skiers of all times, Ingemar Stenmark, used to say that the amazing atmosphere in Kranjska Gora made him feel like a Slovenian. Welcome to Vitranc Cup on 8 and 9 March 2014. This year`s Ski Jumping and Flying World Cup in Planica will be held from 20 to 23 March.
Maribor`s Pohorje
eagerly expects the 50th Golden Fox, Alpine Ski World Cup on 1 and 2 February 2014. The Slovenian golden fox Tina Maze took care of the euphoria at last year`s Golden Fox, which was visited by a record number of journalists and visitors.
Vogel Ski Center is famous for its incredible views of the Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj. The full moon hikes to Vogel are already scheduled. The evening winter landscape and stories of Bohinj in the moonlight have true hypnotic power.

And then comes the power of carnival season! According to old Slovenian legends, the kurent, a famous carnival character, is a demon who chases away winter. The largest cultural-ethnograpic event in Slovenia is kurentovanje in Ptuj, this year from 2 February to 4 March 2014.

Feel Slovenia and enjoy the stories in the January newsletter!

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