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What is needed if traveling by motor-home?

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The driver needs to have a licence of the applicable category for the vehicle being driven, all passengers have to sit in adequate seats during travel and wear seat-belts. Other documents required are the same as for personal passenger vehicles. For transport of additional cargo on the roof or at the rear of the vehicle, the requirements are the same as for personal passenger vehicles – cargo may extend past the extreme front of the vehicle up to a maximum of 1 m, and may extend up to a maximum length of 1.5 m at the rear at the vehicle, however the total length of the vehicle with cargo must not exceed 12 m. If the cargo at the rear of the vehicle extends more than 1 m behind the vehicle it must be marked with a square board, 25x25 cm, with oblique red/white stripes.
Overnight stops are permitted at special rest areas for motor-homes, which you can find HERE, or in camp grounds. For a list of camp grounds click HERE.
Administrator : SPIRIT Slovenija | | last modified: 15/02/2011

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